We are ordinary people.

This is where we are supposed to tell you that our church is exciting. Our worship is engaging. Our relationships are relevant.

What if we didn’t?

We can honestly say that we are glad you took the time to check out our site. In fact, we have been praying for you.

You want to know who we are? Here it is: we are ordinary people. That’s right; we don’t have it all together. Sometimes we are exciting and relevant, other times we are a big mess. However, we are probably a lot like you. If you want to visit a church where people are perfect, dressed in three piece suits and never have a problem – well, you may want to move on to the next church on your google search. But, if you would like to visit a church where ordinary people come with all their problems – just as they are – to worship a God who is big enough to love people with problems, then keep reading.

That’s the next thing you should know about us: we serve and worship an extra-ordinary God. In fact that is what we are all about…period. There are a lot of churches out there that focus on a lot of different things, but our heart is to make church about one thing: GOD. We know it sounds crazy, but we are trying to warn you ahead of time! We think God is the same God that created the universe around us, parted seas, stopped the sun, brought the dead to life, won battles single handedly, opened prison doors, radically changed the lives of the outcasts of society…We know is that if God is that extra-ordinary, He can do something amazing in the life of us ordinary folks down here, problems and all.

So, one last thing you should know about us: we are seeking epic transformation. Church isn’t a Sunday event at the big building with the cross on top…well at least we hope our church isn’t. Church is people who have been changed by God. Church is God stepping into the lives of ordinary people and changing them into something new. Church is the people God has changed, stepping out into their everyday world and showing off that change.

We, the ordinary folks of First Baptist Branford, believe that He, the extra-ordinary God of the universe, desires to take our hurts, failures, and broken pieces and transform us to people who reflect His glory. God is doing this by bringing us together, around the Truth of the Bible, to slowly make us more like Him.

We are ordinary people serving an extra-ordinary God, seeking an epic transformation.

Sound good? You should come visit us sometime in person; we would love to meet you! Who knows, it might even be exciting, engaging and relevant.